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Healing Hearts one child at a time.......

Bonnie and Granddaughter Analise

Our goal is to make available to families that wish to adopt the resources of emotional, encouragement, spiritual support, and prayer training needed to successfully heal God's neglected heritage-HIS CHILDREN!

We desire to teach the restoration and healing power made available by Jesus Christ to the parents as well as the children who have suffered trauma that is associated with a foster child's life.

Our desire to minister the knowledge we have gleaned so that the...........

wounded, abandoned, neglected, battered, and abused children can walk through

" INNER HEALING" made available through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Bonnie Walker Ministries

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Dear Friends,

Words cannot express our gratitude for your generosity over the years. Our Heavenly Father chooses to use people like you and me to love His people. I tear up thinking of how we have been loved as you've been willing to be His heart and His hands ... blessing us each and every time we needed a miracle! It takes a whole lot to feed, clothe, school, and prepare these precious babies for the world that awaits them each day. It takes even more to teach countless other parents how to do the same with their own children. Letters pour into us from all over the world asking for our help. They all want to know how we do what we do! I wouldn't be able to share our encouragements and testimonies were it not for your generous support. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous hearts!

Many Blessings <>< Bonnie


My wife told me back in 1999 (the year we got married) that she had a dream that we would, someday, adopt. I wasn’t real keen on the idea and just brushed her off. God had his own plans.

At the time, I was working with Dodge Heating and Air as a service technician. My main job was fixing air conditioners. Bonnie Walker called the office needing some work so they sent me to Rhine, GA. This family had like 20 kids! I thought to myself, “Who are these crazy people” but at the same time I was completely awe-struck. After I had finished my work, I sat down with Mrs. Bonnie to discuss the work done and the bill. What should have been a 10-minute conversation turned into a 2-hour session on doing God’s work through adoption and foster care. What an amazing family!

Long story short, when I left that chair in the Walker living room, I was forever a changed man. God spoke to me through their ministry. I knew my wife and I were called to foster/adopt. Bonnie knew before I even knew.

21 years, 30 plus foster children and 2 adoptions later, God is still working on me because of that day in

lil' ole Rhine, Ga.

Dustin Pruett

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