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Pondering on how to begin, the thought came to my mind:

“I probably should have written this 40 years ago when I knew everything!”

LOL! Just kidding . . . when I “thought” I knew everything . . . even that sounds ridiculous now!

Seriously, I do want to state some disclaimers:

If you are reading this with the mindset of I have all the answers just because I mother 28 children, you might as well not read my blogs because you will be sorely disappointed!

I am not a PERFECT parent – nor have I ever been, nor will I ever be – hence the blog title “IMPERFECT Parenting”!

And disclaimer #3 – my children are wonderful & amazing walking miracles, but they aren’t perfect either.

So, having cleared the air with all that, let’s begin to explore the wonderful, overwhelming, most difficult, and most rewarding journey in the universe . . . parenting!

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