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How Can Bonnie Help You?

Bonnie is highly qualified to minister to and speak about the following, whether it be brief introductions, hour-long sermons, or three-day intensive conferences:

If you would like Bonnie to speak at your church or organized event, please contact her !!!

Consultation availability is subject to my children's schedule.

Email me your questions or concerns.

• Godly Parenting and Coaching

•• Adoptive or biological, parents need tools and

support! How to raise children to be givers and

not takers, representing Christ with their lives.

• Adoption

•• How to handle bad behavior in your child.

•• How to navigate "the system."

•• How to help your family prepare for additions.

•• How to prepare meals for a crowd.

•• How to lead your child to Christ, where all true inner healing abides.

•• And, MUCH MORE!

• 40 years experience teaching children's church programs.

• Homeschooled her children for close to 24 years.

• Sought after as a speaker all over Georgia, USA.

• In addition, she has a Newsletter following that reaches subscribers as far as Canada, Australia, Europe, and the Philippines!

The remarkable Walker family has been featured on The 700 Club television show, several local television stations, and in countless magazines and news publications.

Bonnie has published her autobiography, Refuge Ranch: A Story For His Glory, in hopes of inspiring other couples to adopt the "throw-aways" of the world, especially in her home country of America.

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